Works in Progress

The city of Solace, despite its size, harbors a multitude of stories, and I intend to tell them all. I've only got so many dendrites however and do need to sleep some time, so many of them are still in the developmental phase. I will post descriptions of these projects here and updates about anything I think will interest you. Check back frequently so you don't miss anything! 


Quoth the Raven:

Quoth the Raven takes place prior to the events of Cerberus and Receptica and, if you pay attention, will help to answer a few important questions about the city of Solace and the events that transpire there.

One terrible morning, Cole Hartnett woke up to find that the sun had not risen over Solace and that monsters had sprung up in the forests surrounding the town. On another terrible morning, Nora Allen wakes from a dream with the certainty that her mother's soul has been ripped from her body, and only she can rescue her. When their two paths cross, Nora and Cole decide to work together in order to save the ones they love. The only complication: they live in Solaces that exist more than 300 years apart. The only problem: strange, nearly human creatures called Ravens would see them both dead if it meant seeing them stopped. 

I am very excited about this project as it gives me the chance to play around with settings I haven't had cause to in the past. It is also not supernatural in typical Solace fashion. There are no vampires or dryyds or other such creatures, but I promise, there's enough going on in this story that they won't be missed. For previews of the book, head on over to the Extras page and check out an excerpt. 

No more WiPs. Check back soon for updates.