Graduating senior Kaeden Parish has a lot on his plate. Juggling his role as the cornerstone of his family and his need to follow the path he has laid out for his life, he simply does not have time for distractions, especially one as absurd as vampirism. This is exactly what he has to contend with, however, after he is attacked one night by a strange, winged creature desperate for an unnamed prize.

Cerberus: Book 1 of Parish chronicles Kaeden’s journey as he is flung headlong  into a war-torn world he never knew or wanted to know existed. Faced with the revelation that all his planning is now useless and that notions he’d long taken for fact are anything but, he must learn to exist in this new world or be destroyed by it.

Deliverance seems to come on the wings of an unlikely savior, however, when Kaeden meets a fallen angel named Rhiam wielding a blood-red dagger whose blade he calls Cerberus. According to Rhiam, Cerberus can return everything to how it once was, but he’s not giving it away for free. He wants to make a deal.

The deal Rhiam proposes seems fair enough, but as Kaeden soon learns, in this new world of night and shadows, friends appear as enemies, enemies appear as friends, and under the right circumstances, both would see him dead. With his humanity on one hand and his conscience on the other, Kaeden finds himself confronted by a question we all must one day face: “What exactly do I want, and what am I willing to do to get it?”

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