This is where the book trailers for novels in the Solace series will go. Feel free to make a fan vid and post it in a comment. I will in turn add it to this page and bestow upon you my undying gratitude.

Official Cerberus Teaser Trailer:

Official (Extended) Cerberus Trailer HD: 

Want to see what the fuss is all about but not ready to shell out your hard-earned (or grudgingly-given) money? Check out these excerpts. As more projects are started, more previews will be posted, so check back often. 

Cerberus - Read here
I'll Show You Scary - Read here 

Quoth the Raven:
Fade to White - Read here

Want to know what the characters looked like in my head before I described them on the page? Like poorly-drawn concept art? Curious as to what inspired certain things? Check out the links below. As with the excerpts, more will come as more projects are started.

No images yet :(


Music is very important to me and plays a huge role in my creative process. Consequently, even though my works are not yet major motion pictures, they do have soundtracks, which I will post here. Did one of the stories remind you of a song? Say so in the comments, and it might get added to this section.


*Note that some songs contain explicit lyrics