Part 2 of the first installment in the Solace book series, Receptica picks up where Cerberus left off: at what could be the end of the world. Having almost single-handedly ushered in a Hell on Earth, Kaeden Parish scrambles to salvage what’s left of the world he tried so hard to protect.

This proves to be more easily said than done, however, when he learns that the only way to atone for his actions and prove to the host of Heaven that he wants to undo the damage he willingly caused, he must also willingly traverse the depths of hell and do what he can to cripple hell’s forces.

Aided by the few allies he has left, Kaeden must descend into the pit and uncover the secrets of Cerberus and Receptica. Only then will he have a hope of defeating the demons and fallen angels and returning alive to a world worth returning to.

Before he can confront the demons of hell, however, he must first confront his own.

Receptica is still in development and won’t be available until winter 2014. Until then, stay tuned for updates, excerpts, and other freebies.